Patrick Younge formed a partnership to create Travel Channel Academy, a training company offering the network’s viewers the chance to learn the skills to become prosumer contributors. Not only did this create a small army of low-cost, brand aware, digital content makers, it also turned a core group of fans into brand evangelists …and made a very healthy profit as well.

Many of the graduates of the Academy are now working in media, with some going on to establish TV series and video businesses of their own.





We Are iCreate


As part of a process of creative renewal  Patrick Younge launched BBCiCreate, a online platform where any one of the 3000 people working for BBC Production could submit an idea or build on the ideas of other people. To date over 65% of those invited have joined BBCiCreate, between them generating over 900 ideas and over 3,000 comments. As well as leading to significant levels of staff participation and engagement, ideas from BBCiCreate have already been commissioned or are in active next stage development.