Sugar Films Launches – The Next Move Forward

March 18, 2015
Pat Younge
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The Sugar Films team

Today I’m proud to announce my involvement in a start-up called Sugar Films Ltd, a new content production company that I’m launching with two former colleagues, Narinder Minhas and Lucy Pilkington.

We launched the company because we know there’s never been a better time to be a content creator, and the growth of pay-tv, the OTT services and new funding models like Kickstarter create many more routes to markets for great ideas. That’s why we’re also launching Sugar Films Lab, a platform for new content creators that will enable us to tap into the latent but unharnessed creativity we already see demonstrated on sites like Houseofblack.

We all have over 20 years industry experience and so we are keen to reframe the current and necessary debate around ‘diversity’ away from being about something small, entry level, marginal and slightly worthy and instead demonstrate that its how modern, mainstream audiences view the world and it has the potential to create real value.

The work of Wecreate will continue alongside the new venture initially, and we’ll take stock in due course.

The full launch release follows: FR – SUGAR FILMS – PRESS RELEASE – FINAL