WeCreate Associates works with companies to create new markets, products, services and business models fit for the digital age. We help leaders and teams transition to a winning strategy and digital mind-set, using our real world business experience and proven Silicon Valley approaches to strategic thinking, organisational design and value creation.

“We are living in a period of exponential change, with the digital revolution creating new audience needs, wants and behaviours. This increases the opportunities for agile and disruptive entrants to enter the marketplace and destroys those enterprises who can’t or won’t make the necessary changes to keep up. No business or social enterprise is immune from these forces or can afford to stand still.

WeCreate Associates works with those leaders and organisations who recognise this moment of change as a moment of opportunity; those who want to confront these challenges and win.”

- Patrick Younge, Founder and Director WeCreate Associates

Working with leaders to introduce, revitalise or embed a creative culture that generates breakthrough ideas for products, services, operational practice and business models.
We use proven innovation practices and techniques to identify and optimise the best ideas that generate real customer value, in order to create a sustainable innovation culture (in association with the Enterprise Development Group, Palo Alto).
Assisting leaders and teams in evaluating all aspects of media strategy for the digital age, including consumer insight, channels, products, product development, marketing/brand, M&A, diversity, leadership development and organisational review.
Bringing a background in creating and managing successful crowdsourcing efforts. Experience ranges from designing and launching platforms to securing and maintaining engagement and achieving business goals.

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